How General Knowledge can Help How to Improve TOEFL Score

Most tips related to how to improve TOEFL score only focus on reading or listening skills. But this time we would like to give you different tips. Let’s check it out!

How general knowledge affect my TOEFL score

If you find out most tips that spread all over the internet, they only talk about practicing your Reading and Listening skills and technique. But most people forget how important to have good general knowledge. First thing first, how is general knowledge has something to do with TOEFL? Well, if you have the excellent general knowledge, your ideas to write a certain topic with flow fluently. The more you know, the more you are certain about the answers in every question.

General knowledge can almost cover every aspect of TOEFL. They are including writing, listening, and reading. Learning general knowledge can also improve your vocabulary and strengthen your grammar. Meanwhile, vocabulary and grammar are strongly related to TOEFL questions. When you know more topics from general knowledge, the easier the questions will be.

How to learn general knowledge

General knowledge is easy to learn. You can learn from printed media types such as books or magazines. You can simply watch YouTube video to be more aware of what happens in our world. When you read books or magazines, you should pay attention to how the professional writer arranges the information. Check your dictionary for words that you don’t understand what the meanings are. Meanwhile, when you get more information related to general knowledge from videos on YouTube, practice your listening skills. If the caption is available, try to not activate it for the first time you listen. Catch important words and try to correlate the information and the picture. After that, you can activate the caption to check whether you can tell what the news you just listened is about.

Increase your general knowledge every day can be one of the best solutions of how to improve TOEFL score. Keep your spirit up!